Williams WA

Don’t be deceived when travelling to Williams in Western Australia (approximately 160km south-southeast from the state’s capital, Perth) by the seemingly ‘ordinary farming country’ you see along the way.

As you roll into town you will soon discover there is a very special ‘extraordinary’ quality to this ordinary farming country and it’s not just because it’s the ‘Gateway to the Great Southern Region’ of Western Australia.

No indeed, what makes this region so very special is the community spirit that lives amongst its 1,100 inhabitants living both on the land and in the town.

This very special community spirit is the driving force that has allowed us to not just source wool from local woolgrowers but also help the community to retail the very products that contain their wool in their existing retail shop aptly named ‘Williams Woolshed’.

DNA Williams is a genuine ‘bale to retail’ success story – and today the Williams woolgrowers can share their story and sell their wool garments with all those who visit.

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Williams Woolshed

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Ever wondered what makes ordinary farming country so very extraordinary?


Meet the woolgrowers; Noel and Sandra Fowler from Rapanui.  Ordinary woolgrowers who grow an extraordinary fibre - the world's most desirable natural fibre, merino.

How to wear wool

There are few woolgrowing regions in Australia that can boast their very own 'woolshed' to sell garments containing their wool.  Williams Woolshed in Williams WA is a genuine 'bale to retail' success story.  And these woolgrowers are very happy to show you how to wear their wool!

A life in wool

No matter how you start, when you start in the wool industry it just grabs you. We're not sure if it's the unique personalities of the sheep, their magnificent fibre, the environment in which it is grown or fellow woolgrowers who are all so deeply passionate about everything they do.  One thing for sure, to have and to share 'a life in wool' is a very special thing indeed.