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Northern NSW
John Croake - Wool & Sheep Specialist, Stud Stock & Real Estate 
02 6762 6463  M 0428 977 589
E jcroake@woolnetwork.com.au

Scott Bremner - Livestock Specialist - Armidale
0428 174 664  E sbremner@awnlivestock.com.au

Central West NSW
Peter Hargreaves
- Livestock Specialist - Nyngan
M 0409 321 001 E phargreaves@awnlivestock.com.au

Stephen Maunder
- Sheep & Wool Specialist
0429 460 469

Russell Macgugan - Wool & Sheep Specialist/Auctioneer
0438 314 390

Sydney Head Office
Samantha Graham - Livestock Administrator
02 9912 6211  E sgraham@woolnetwork.com.au

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AWN Accredited

John Croake (Northern NSW)
(Sheep - Professional Level 1)
M 0428 977 589

Scott Bremner (NSW)
(Cattle - Professional Level 2)
(Sheep - Professional Level 3)
M 0438 314 390

Peter Hargreaves (Central West NSW)
(Sheep & Cattle - Professional Level 1)
M 0409 321 001

Stephen Maunder (QLD)
(Sheep - Professional Level 2)
M 0429 460 469

Greg Hunt (QLD)
(Sheep - Professional Level 2)
M 0429 129 072

Russell Macgugan (VIC)
(Sheep - Professional Level 2)
(Cattle - Professional Level 3)
M 0438 314 390

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8 Nov 2019

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For further livestock information, nationally,

Ron Creek
0488 076 212

John Croake
M 0428 977 589


Our representatives know what your sheep are capable of producing - we see the quality and production each and every year when you market your wool through AWN. So it seems a natural progression that our team should also help you find the right buyers for your stud stock or commercial flocks. We're specialists at bringing people together whether it's wool growers and wool processors or stud breeders and commercial flock owners.

Talk to our team about the marketing and selling of your livestock.

A number of our staff are also AuctionsPlus accredited.

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AWN expands livestock operations

In a natural progression on the back on AWN’s strong growth, the company is committed to expanding its livestock division to ensure clients are getting the best returns possible for their livestock operations.

Livestock, property and wool buying manager Ron Creek said AWN was keen to grow the livestock business to run parallel with the development of the wool business. “Growers are saying they have a preference to deal with the one entity. We are fortunate to have a great level of trust from clients and a proactive board willing to implement this. The company is very progressive and has experienced excellent growth,’’ he said.

Northern NSW stud stock, property, wool and sheep specialist John Croake supported Mr Creek’s comments.

“Clients have asked us to expand more into livestock as this is a natural progression for AWN. We have grown to the stage where we have wool/sheep specialists across the country and we now need specialist livestock people who are solely dedicated to livestock to deliver services to clients,’’ he said.

“AWN has purely been a wool and sheep specialist company in the past and this will still be our major focus however we will be employing dedicated people who can offer livestock marketing outlets for our clients. The board has responded in a very positive way and is listening to clients.’’

Services to be offered will include private treaty between clients and processors, AuctionsPlus, feedlot operations and seed stock sales.

“We already have alliances with preferred agents through the saleyard system mainly selling sheep, but we will be expanding into cattle are able to assist with advice regarding breeding and herd production for cattle.’’


Mr Croake said AWN will be on the lookout for employees in key areas on the east coast of Australia. One of the first appointments to the livestock team is Armidale-based Scott Bremner.

Mr Croake said Mr Bremner brings to AWN a wealth of knowledge through previous experience with pastoral companies especially in the sheep and cattle industries.

“Scott is a major part of our increased focus on livestock and has worked throughout most of NSW,’’ he said.

Mr Bremner said he believed the expansion into livestock went hand in hand with the trust clients put in their wool agent.

“With that existing trust there is a natural progression for the company to service our existing valued wool clients to ensure their livestock needs are being met in the best way possible,’’ he said.

“There are many different alternatives to buying and selling livestock. I have developed a lot of connections with my experience in the industry over the years. This is a valuable network that I’ll be able to use to our clients’ advantage.’’

Mr Bremner says he is excited to be part of the team at AWN.

“These people work as a team and are dedicated to their clients. They have a real connection with their clients. They haven’t come from a banking or finance background they have come from rural properties or have family connections on the land. They understand what is required and know they have got to offer value to our clients to keep their business.’’

Forecasting a very strong future for the livestock industry, Mr Bremner said he wanted AWN to be front and centre in people’s minds when they are considering buying or selling livestock.

“There are a massive number of store lambs coming through and I see a big future in lot feeding to ensure clients are getting full value for their product rather than just putting them out the gate once they run out of feed,’’ he said.

“I see huge sustainability in the cattle, lamb and mutton markets. Demand is increasing throughout the world, particularly in sheep, and we are the ones who have them,
so I see these products remaining very viable.

“And for our very patient woolgrowers they are finally getting the rewards they fully deserve. It is our role to ensure all these producers are reaching their full potential.

“I am more than happy to be contacted by any AWN client anywhere who wishes to discuss their livestock requirements.’’