Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island in South Australia was our first 'regionally' branded DNA program. Around 20 woolgrowers, who were also members of the Kangaroo Island Wool group, joined AWN and DNA.  By visiting the island, getting to know the growers and the environment in which they grow their wool we discovered the real reason why their wool was so special.

A selection of stories unique to Kangaroo Island were created to share with consumers via a QR code enabled swing tag on MerinoSnug garments.

In addition to the stories, participating growers would like to share with you (see below) their reasons for growing wool on Kangaroo Island, what drives them and what they would like to say to consumers who can now wear their wool.


Rodney and Judie BellThe Bell family have been farming at Kingscote 'forever' (to use their word) and still love the challenge. A successful family run business, with all their children at home working on the farm.Read more

Terry and Ros HowardNathan, Terry and Ros Howard grow over 5000 Merino sheep on Kangaroo Island. The Howard family live in the town of Dudley and have been farming for over 43 years.Read more

Christine and Lloyd BerryChristine Berry is a Director of the Kangaroo Island Wool group. Her long held vision for the group to wear wool grown on the island is now a reality.Read more

John and Jo SymonsFor John and Jo Symons their philosophy is simple, "It's important to do what you love doing." And that's exactly what the Symons family have been doing on the island for over 50 years!Read more

Brett GregorA third generation farmer on the island Brett loves the simplicity of growing wool; 'just add water, productive land a little bit of sunshine' and you end up with a quality product that people love.Read more

Nick and Penny ClarkNick Clark and his family have been farming for three generations, beginning in Mannanarie in South Australia’s mid-north, then moving to Jamestown and finally to Kangaroo Island in 2005.Read more

Phil and Peter CooperPhil Cooper and his brother Peter farm 2000 merino sheep on their property, located in the Town of Parndana on Kangaroo Island.Read more

Geoff NuttBorn and bred farmer Geoff Nutt moved his family to the town of Parndana on Kangaroo Island fifteen years ago, where they then began the merino wool farm they have today.Read more

Mike and Sandra SmithMike and Sandra Smith are wool growers who reside in the town of Kingscote on Kangaroo Island.

Read more

Barry, Simon and Eloise WheatonBarry, Simon and Eloise Wheaton of Redbanks Pastoral have been farming for over 50 years in the American River area on Kangaroo Island, just off the mainland of South Australia below Adelaide.
Read more


Watch Kangaroo Island wool growers, their sheep, their properties and the environment in which they grow the world's best wool.

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