We do more with your wool.

AWN is the only Australian owned wool marketer who can take clients wool from bale to retail, who can manufacture your wool into an Australian made garment and who are genuinely bringing wool growers, wool processors and consumers together.

Wool marketing:

- Extensive range of wool marketing services; auctions, forward contracts, direct to mill, specialty programs (eg. DNA)
- Network of strategic alliances: growers, exporters, top makers, spinners, weavers, manufacturing, retailing, consumers
- Clip specific preparation advice to maximise your returns
- Price $olutions

Wool buying:

- Wool buying; door trading, pick up and collect direct off farm, small clips, oddments, butts and bags

DNA - Marketing your wool differently

To help consumers better understand the fibre in their clothes the Australian Wool Network started the DNA program. DNA is a specialty program and just one of the many ways we can market your wool outside of the traditional auction system.

The DNA program showcases where the wool in the garment comes from, the environment in which it was grown and who was responsible for growing it and manufacturing it. The program shows the provenance or DNA of a garment by capturing the unique Australian stories of woolgrowers and then transmits these stories to consumers through digital channels.

Marketing programs such as DNA is just one of the ways we can help your wool clip achieve more.

Your local wool marketing specialist can help you to determine if your wool will meet the specifications for the DNA program or other direct to mill opportunities.

Our aim is to add value to your wool growing business.

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Wool stores


Bathurst: 369 Stewart St

Ph: (02) 6334 3937

Cooma: Polo Flat Rd

Ph: (02) 6452 4483

Goulburn: 51 Finlay Rd

Ph: (02) 4822 3851

Wagga Wagga: 560 Byrnes Rd

Ph: (02) 6921 5186
Tamworth: 33-35 Kyle St

Ph: 02 4932 9880


Brooklyn: Gate 4, Frederick Rd

Ph: (03) 9316 6311

Lara: 250 Forest Rd

Ph: (03) 5272 9200

Portland: 154 Portland-Nelson Rd

Ph: (03) 5521 7417

Yarrawonga: 4 Murray Valley Hwy

Ph: (03) 5743 2105


Invermay: 11/23 Murphy St


Gillman: Whicker Rd

Ph: (08) 8240 8400


Rocklea: 123 Boundary Road

Ph: (07) 3276 5700


Please visit www.dysonjones.com.au

Merino genetics

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