Flinders Outback SA

The sheep of the Flinders Outback region of South Australia grow some of the world's best modern merino wool in an environment that is over 800 million years old. This is where ancient meets modern under the careful management of a select group of woolgrowers many of whom have been grazing sheep in this area for over 100 years.

One of the things that strikes you about woolgrowers in this part of Australia is that most do not measure the size of their properties in acres or hectares but rather square kilometres.  It's hard to get your head around "I'm going to check the stock" when the paddock is some 100kms away!

Most of the wool grown from the sheep in this region of Australia is some of the most natural.  Sheep are often brought in for shearing and then put straight back out into paddocks (measured in square kilometres no less!).  More often there's no special treatment, no drenches, no jetting, just a regular check on water.  The environment is harsh but pure and natural.  The sheep are well suited to grazing the vast open native shrub and salt bush plains of the outback and the steep craggy hills of the Flinders Ranges.  Their wool offers protection, warmth and insulates them from the heat in summer. It's raw and natural.

These are the stories about a timeless harsh land, the spirit of the sheep, the fibre, the environment and the people who live here past, present and future. Welcome to the spirit of wool from the Flinders Outback.


Meet the Woolgrowers

Sawers Farms Pty Ltd

Wilkatana has been in the Sawers family for 110 years. 
The property is 500 square kilometres in size and home to some 6,500 merino sheep, 130 bird species and an abundance of kangaroos and emus.  Read more

Tom & Rhiannon Smart

Moralana Station is located 53km north of Hawker on the western slopes of Wilpena Pound. Spanning some 700 square kilometres in size the property consists of rolling hills and rises with open plains of salt bush and more. Read more

Barrie Holdings

The Barrie Family run between1200-1600 breeding merino ewes and 20 handsome merino rams on their property Pinda Farm, near Orroroo in South Australia.  Along with, according to Peter, "a bunch of rebellious White Suffolks!". Read more

Michael Burford

As 6th generation sheep grazier on Merngenia Station near Peterborough in outback South Australia, Michael Burford is hoping to spark a wool growing interest in his two young boys to continue the family legacy. Read more

KW & DA Bartlett

For Kevin and Ann Bartlett of Thuddungra near Orroroo in South Australia being a Flinders Ranges wool grower offers a number of simple pleasures like living and working in an amazing part of Australia. Read more

Tony & Julie Smith

The Flinders Ranges is well suited to breeding and growing merino sheep. It is very satisfying to be able to produce a top quality product from land that is not suitable for other agricultural uses. Read more


Watch Flinders Outback South Australian wool growers, their sheep, their properties and the environment in which they grow the world's best wool.

Flinders Outback SA

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MF Jebsen Aust Pty Ltd

Martins Well Station located in the Flinders Ranges is approximately 260,000 acres or 1035 square kilometers in size.  With a number of natural features, a unique and important natural and permanent chain of springs. Read more

KW & AMG Dawes

Farina Station north of Lyndhurst on the northern tip of the Flinders Ranges and edge of the Outback is 286 square kilometres in size, home to around 6,000 merino sheep and a property steeped in Australian history. Read more

Mt Eba Station

The 3,370 square kilometere station known as Mt Eba is on the farthest edge of pastoral country in South Australia. Beyond the boundaries of Mt Eba is what is quintessentially known as the Australian outback. Read more

Robert, Jill and Andrew Milne

There are definitely challenges growing wool in Australia.  The climate ranges from high rainfall to low rainfall - depending on where you live. But testament to the skill of experienced wool growers modern merino wool can be successfully grown.
Read more

RG & JM Fetherstonhaugh

Richard Fetherstonhaugh and his family have had a long history of woolgrowing in the Flinders Outback region. Their current property situated at Bangor near Mount Remarkable in the southern Flinders Ranges of South Australia is unique in many ways. Read more