Why you must complete the

National Wool Declaration correctly

Buyers use the information supplied on the National Wool Declaration (NWD) to make purchasing decisions. Non-compliant or incorrectly filled out NWD’s may impact on the sale of your wool.


 The NWD is the responsibility of the Owner or Manager – no one else.•  It must be filled in correctly.•  It must be signed by the Owner or the Manager – no one else (see in red below).•  It must be completed using a pen with neat, legible writing.•  Do not send a photo of your completed form (eg. in a JPG or PNG format).•  It must be scanned and emailed as a PDF to your AWN Wool Specialist.
   To SCAN using your smartphone we suggest using an app such as  

 Where do most errors occur?See marked in red below the most common errors to occur
when completing the National Wool Declaration;
•  Box not ticked for the question “Has Mulesing ceased on this property?” –
   this must be completed.
•  Mob Breaks have been incorrectly allocated – this is critical.•  Owner or Manager has not signed the form – this is critical.•  Property Identification number not provided – this is important.


To avoid manual errors occurring we recommend the use of WoolClip, AWEX’s electronic classer specification form. WoolClip is easy to use, assists in the correct allocation of mobs, and helps to ensure your wool clip information is received clearly and accurately.


Visit or ask your AWN Wool Specialist for assistance.


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