Wool manufacturing

Since the beginning, AWN’s vision was to bring something new to the wool industry; to create a unique wool marketing organisation that brought wool growers and wool processors closer together.

In November 2014 AWN’s vision expanded beyond processing and into the next phase of the wool production pipeline, manufacturing, after purchasing Hysport an Australian knitwear manufacturer which produced high quality knitwear garments for the retail domestic and international market.

Australia’s largest natural fibre knitwear manufacturer.

Hysport was established in 1971 and operated as a family business up until its acquisition by AWN in 2014. The company utilises state of the art ‘whole of garment’ knitting machines to produce seamless natural fibre knitwear garments made of Australian merino wool and
New Zealand eco fibre as well as 100% merino, alpaca and other natural fibre blends.
The company’s labels include MerinoSnug and Only Merino. A purpose built manufacturing facility was completed in 2016 to accommodate the expanding number of knitting machines.

The Hysport facility manufactures a range of luxury knitwear garments and retails at over 250 outlets across Australia using only the best wool grown from Australian Wool Network clients.


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