The Thomson family at Keeyuga, Glenauroa VIC were part of our initial DNA pilot program. Together with their unique farming story we were inspired to continue to develop the program. The Thomson family run more than 7000 Merino breeding ewes and 850 first-cross ewes and a small number of cattle on more than 3238 hecatres of owned and share-farmed land at Glenaroua and Ruffy. The property name is pronounced "key you ga".

The Thomson family are continually benchmarking their operation against industry standards to ensure that their wool growing operation is a success at every level. Hugh said "We are always looking for productivity.  Decisions are made that are best for the sheep and the farm and anything after that is a bonus. We believe that healthy sheep grow the best wool."

The Thomson family have planted some 500,000 trees on their property to ensure the environment in which they grow their wool is productive and sustainable for generations to come.

DNA Story

Hugh Thomson leads the Keeyuga DNA story and compares his 'farm' work to that of his friends... most of who work in the city!  Hugh makes some interesting comparisons of which we captured on film and can now share with consumers via a QR code enabled swing tag on MerinoSnug garments. There's always more to growing wool than you think!

My officeHaving an office a little over an hour from the CBD of Melbourne VIC has a number of benefits. Hugh Thomson of Keeyuga draws some interesting comparisons to his counterparts living and working in the city... just down the road!Watch the video...A typical dayIn this story, Hugh shares a typical day working in his office and reckons 'it's a little bit different to yours!". We're sure you can find some similarities or perhaps you'd like to swap your day job with Hugh? I'm sure we could arrange it.Watch the video...Growing the best woolThe Thomson family believe "that healthy sheep grow the best wool" and that the health of the environment in which they grow their wool has a direct correlation. To ensure their environment is the best it can be the Thomson family have planted more than half a million trees on Keeyuga to provide wildlife corridors and bird sanctuaries and ensure a healthy, balanced biodiversity.Watch the video...