Without doubt the Barossa in South Australia is well known around the world; as a premier destination for wine, food and a way of life that exudes a generous hospitality and a certain Barossa only culture.

Lesser known on a global scale but certainly just as significant is the region’s other primary industry - sheep and wool growing.

There are more than 220,000 sheep in the Barossa region many of which play an important role in vineyard management – acting as weed controllers, grazing beneath the vines over winter.

The fibre grown in the region is influenced, just as grapes are, by the environment, the seasons, the climate and the soil.  All of these elements are interconnected and can influence the performance and quality of the fibre that the Barossa merino sheep grows.


DNA Story

The DNA Barossa story is the first for our 'Only Merino' product label and is the first to feature an exclusive design by local abstract artist and designer - Marnie Gilder.

The Only Merino Barossa Collection is an exclusive range of merino wool blankets/throws inspired by the unique landscape of the region. Marnie Gilder’s design celebrates the Barossa, its woolgrowers and the quality merino wool grown in the area.

Meet the woolgrowers and their sheep, see their land and listen to their story.  This is the provenance, the DNA of the Barossa designed Only Merino blanket.


Barossa Culture

There's a certain way of doing things in the Barossa.  A certain way to be a wine grower, a foodie, a woolgrower and even a certain way to be a sheep!

Naughty Sheep

The vegetable garden is indeed a labour of love for many and one to certainly be proud of. 
But when lambs find their way through an open gate into a vegie garden...well... you can imagine how that goes down!

Lost Amongst the Vines

Have you ever visited the Barossa in South Australia?  If you have you will know that it is an all-consuming experience. Explore a little further and meet the friendly faces lost amongst the vines.

Barossa Smoko

A well-known Aussie term for taking a break from hard work… ‘smoko’ in the Barossa South Australia takes on a whole new meaning!

Wool and Wine

Take a step back to the beginning for a well-known wine producer from the Barossa and discover a unique connection, history and passion for an iconic Australian product.




Marnie Gilder

Marnie Gilder is an abstract artist based in the Barossa Valley in South Australia. Her acrylic on canvas artworks and limited edition screen prints are often inspired by the beautiful Barossa landscapes. Marnie has exhibited her works in many high-profile galleries around Australia including the Tim Olsen Gallery in Sydney and Peter Walker Fine Art in Adelaide.  She has also had many corporate commissions working with well-known Australian brands including Qantas and Peter Lehmann Wines.