AWN investing in the next generation

Recognising the need to bring younger people into the industry and give them all-round training is a commitment by AWN which is highlighted by the number of new, young people featured in this newsletter who have come on board to join our team.

National Wool and Livestock Marketing Manager Mark Quartermain said AWN had been very fortunate in the past five to seven years to be able to pick up talented, younger people. “We now have nine staff under 30 and 18 under 40. We are very comfortable with how things are moving forward. “We are now doing so much that is outside the square so we need to ensure our staff are well trained so they are fulfilling the needs of each client when there is so much on offer. ’’State Manager for NSW and Queensland Mark Hedley endorsed these comments saying it was important to bring on board young people who are keen and can be guided on the correct training pathway. “It has been a big move by AWN and it is important to recognise that we need to bring younger people into the industry,’’ he said.


“It is very important to have our young people committed and engaged.

We are bringing them through administration roles and into the stores

and moving them along our pathway to ensure they are well educated.’’


Planning for the future is vital, Mr Quartermain says, as the 20 years AWN has been in business has gone very quickly.

“It is very interesting. AWN has now been in business for 20 years and we’ve only retired about five or six people,’’ he said.

“It’s like, wow, this has all gone so quickly. We have had people with us for a very long time so it is important to have a back-up position and we’ve got to make sure we have it right to ensure we are doing the best by our staff and our clients.’’